Give Back Homes

In the Giveback Homes program, agents work alongside clients to build homes for communities in need both in the U.S. and Nicaragua. To date, Giveback Homes members have raised more than $200,000, built 40 complete homes for families in Nicaragua and helped build nine homes in the U.S.

We work with established charity partners to organize home building projects for our members to support across the U.S and in countries including, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Haiti. Our members help us build homes through their generous contributions, and by volunteering their time at local Build Days as well international Build Trips.

Many of our members contribute a portion of their commissions to share their giveback experience with their homebuyers and sellers. We’ll even send your clients a personal “thank you” letter from our founder to share the story of the lives they’ve touched through giving.

We make it easy for to donate to any of our home projects, at any time. And rest assured that 100% of your contributions goes directly to a family in need, making their dreams of home ownership a reality.




Meet the Founders

Blake Andrews

Before Blake Andrews started Giveback Homes, he embarked on a Giving Trip with TOMS, which then became a life mission. Born and raised in Corpus Christie, TX, Blake is defined by his courageous entrepreneurship, vision for “doing well by doing good” by turning the real estate community, homebuyers and home sellers into humanitarians.

Blake’s watershed moment docked when he reached out to his good friend — the founder and chief shoe giver of TOMS, Blake Mycoskie. In 2010, he relocated to Santa Monica, CA to work as the Special Projects Manager for TOMS to learn about social entrepreneurship and the one-for-one business model.

On a Giving Trip to El Salvador and Nicaragua to give shoes to children in need, Blake fell in love with the people of Nicaragua, and decided to dedicate his life to giving back, internationally and domestically. He knew that if a shoe could improve a child’s well being then a home could change a child’s life. This light bulb moment lead to the idea of connecting real estate agents with families in need of safe homes. Not long after this spark, Blake launched Giveback Homes in August 2013.



Caroline Pinal

Fueled by a passion for social entrepreneurship, Caroline helped create Giveback Homes to empower real estate agents to turn their everyday business into an opportunity for social change. Caroline and team deliver innovation and impact to their network of like-minded agents, which are the driving force behind the movement to provide safe homes for families throughout the world.

Prior to Giveback Homes, Caroline worked at TOMS, the business that pioneered the one-for-one model by giving shoes to children in need. During her time at TOMS, she worked alongside Giveback Homes Founder, Blake Andrews. After a Giving Trip in Central America, Blake shared his goals to bring a sustainable giving model to the world of real estate. Caroline was inspired to apply her insights and experiences from TOMS to help realize Blake’s vision of Giveback Homes.

Born and raised in the Mojave Desert, Caroline studied Journalism at Cal State Long Beach, worked at Fox News and The Walt Disney Company. The path was paved early on for Caroline as she always felt the desire to give back and apply her experiences in story-telling and creativity towards something bigger.